Saturday, October 30, 2004

some questions ive had answered for me recently.. not by my choice that they were answered. but they just were.

-am i good enough? nope. i never will be worth anything
-can i ask questions? nope. asking questions is challenging the authority of someone else.
-can i get a clarification? nope. if you need a clarification, then obviously you're too dumb to live
-can i be myself? nope. cuz you're a failure.
-can i try to understand a situation involving me? nope. that is not permissible
-can i try to understand accusations made against me? nope. just accept them.
-is it possible to make my own decisions? HA. nice one.
-can you pick up after yourself when you leave a mess in my room? nope. its your room. you clean it. cuz i didnt do it.
-am i allowed to be busy cuz of school stuff? nope. you drop everything for what i want you to do for me
-can school be imporant? nope. im more important.
-can i fail school? do that and die
-am i allowed to take a nite off after a whole week of non-stop school work? HA. what a lazy butt. wants to take a couple hours off? you can have a couple minutes. thats it.
-can i make my own plans? nope. because i control you and i always will.
-can i be upset about something? the only thing you're allowed to be upset about is you not following my commands to the letter.
can i be stressed? nope. but i can be, because i hafta put up with you. so deal with it.

funny. what i thought would be a good weekend because most of the people that i miss most are home and i have a relatively light weekend, has turned out to be a nightmare from hell and this is just the beginning. when will i be good enough to just be human? the answer is never.

a slow, painful death is a thousand times worst then a quick abrubt death.

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