Saturday, June 04, 2005

my feet hurt.
i had the mat.
i had the shoes.
im going back to my runners.

btw, i need to go shopping.
i need new runners and such.
apparnetly im gonna be jogging again.
do we remember what happened last time i took it seriously?
i'll be like 'yeah. i run.. once every 10 days.." haha

bed time
nite nite
mmj. the answer? yep. hahaha.

1 comment:

sammi said...

hahahahahaha! i need <- note the "need" to go shopping as well!!! so many things to buy. dude i wanna buy these shoes. ..they're 3 for 10.99 gotta ask you what colour you want. *sigh*
keep forgetting tho. plus mom has my bank card! so much for getting money! i quit!

lol just kidding. lets go shopping soon.