Thursday, July 21, 2005

so this is how it goes.

one is the favourite child, simply just perfect according to everyone. i will always be compared to her. i will never be good enough to even be called equal to her.

the other is the "alpha" male. why? hes the ONLY male. so he gets away with everything.

when will i be a person?

when will i matter?

the answer is obvious.



no more posts here.


Anonymous said...

As someone once told me,

"Jesus loves you".

Don't give up hope. You're someone with incredible talent and abilities, you are you, that is who God made you. And I am sure God does not wish to see you in the state that you are, nor do your true friends. YOU matter to many people, and as you have helped them so they will help you. But you must do your best to meet them halfway.

by the way:

jeremiah 32:27
Psalm 46

Hope you remember these...
Take Care.

girlslife said...

you matter....but really..comparison should bring us to be the best...but not usually....cuz it comes as discouragement. anyways....i'm tired to be the worst..maybe one day i can be the best..who knows when?