Sunday, November 30, 2003

happy burf day joeie and ben!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and on to my dumb story for today. :D
omg! today? at yogi's noodles? omg
1. they took SOO long to get our stuff ready
2. they blamed church for it being so busy
3. they want church to split services so that it can cater to us all
4. they screwed up my order.
*sigh* thats one too many things for one day....

oh wells.. i suppose time to get some work done...
finals are comming, and im procrastinating like nuts
its also a freaky time.. cuz i NEED to do well...
like hubert says, "its prayer time."
so me is off to do some work or something.......

and just for you silas, cuz i know how you love to laugh at me,
i walked into the handles on the cupboards in the kitchen at church.
yeah. dumb bum. i know. oks you can laugh now.

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