Monday, November 24, 2003

HAPPY BURFDAY JON!!!!!!!!!!!!!


so. its been a couple of days.

what am i thinking?
some of the most hated people are ourselves.

so what have i lernt?
some days we're like Peter.
not just ANY peter, but the Peter in the Bible.
when he was walking on water, he was focused on Jesus.
when he took his eyes off Him, he got scared and he started sinking.
when he started sinking, that was when Peter cried out.
and that was when Jesus reached his hand out and held him.

so how does this apply? what does this mean?
this just means that im a peter.
so often times im trying to hold my own. trying to be strong
but you know what? i cant. its impossible.
so often times im just me, and im just running.
but running from what? i cant even say.
its like running when theres nothing to run from.
it just doesnt work too well.
so its time that i cried out to God and let him take care of me.
not just let him take care of a lil bit. but the whole.
time to go deal with everything.

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