Tuesday, November 25, 2003

HAPPY BURFDAY CHAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*sigh* and onto me... haha.. i sound so selfish and conceited... haha.. maybe i am. just maybe... haha.. probably am... oh wells.. so anyways, i have class starting at like 9 am today.. and then today was a "special" day. there was this psych lab test tutorial thinger. and ya know what? i "ends" at 9. its past 9, and hes STILL not done... URGH.. so i just got up and left.. *Sigh* i kinda wish i stayed.. but then not really. i woulda been so fustrated at him it wouldnt have been nice... *sigh* and then i have a row meeting in like 10 mins.. so WHEN am i gonna get to do my hmwk? or study for my test? *sigh* cant. deal. any. more. no more. im done. well. i SHOULD be done.. but im not. and its hard. but hey. no one said this path was gonna be easy rite? so why am i assuming that its gonna be smooth sailing when its not? *sigh* silly me.. im such a dumb bum. oh wells.. better that i lernt it later then never at all. rite? oks... off to my silly silly SILLY but quick row meeting.

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