Monday, November 17, 2003

oks. so i need to explain my msn name
currently, it is: "<>< '.' <-- not here. not there either. dun bother. i wont be found. check blog. you'll see."

so. here goes the explination. to be gone would be a that shall be soon enough.
you said that you'd always be there for me.
you said that you'd always here me when i call.
even if i didnt call.

you said that you'd always listen.
you said that we'll always be.
but we're not.

you said that i was important.
silly me. see the past tense?
i didnt. not the first time either.

you knew it was comming.
you knew what was happening.
you chose to lie instead.

lied to yourself.
lied to me.
silly you.

but you know what?
its ok. it always is.
and it always will be.

i told you i'd be there if you needed me to
i told you that we'll always be best of friends.
i told you that i will listen when you call.

silly me. how nieve can i be?
whats the point in this?
whats the point in lying to me and to you?

so this time, i know what to do.
this time, i can stand on my own.
this time, i can breathe on my own.

you can call. i wont be here.
you can need me there, and i wont be
you can care, but what difference does it make?

truth of the matter?
you wont call.
you dun need me there.

never have and never will.
silly me.
to think that someone would?

and here i take my leave.
look for me if that fits into your schedule.
you wont find me.

look where i usually am when i need to go.
i wont be there.
i wont be anywhere.

try it.
go ahead.
i dare you.

you wont win.
not this time.
not ever again.

i've lernt to stand on my own.
try it. test it.
you'll see.

but it wont matter.
because you dun care.
it wouldnt make a difference.

see. i know you better then you think.
you dun know me as well as you know you do.
surprise surprise.

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