Sunday, January 30, 2005

day thirteen.

funny. that used to be my favourite number.
i dont know if its my favourite anymore.

funny. theres not a lot of things that i know anymore
things that i thought were certain.
like people i could trust
people that i love
people that love me
people that trust me

funny how these things can just be taken from you.
funny how the sun shines like nothing has changed
funny how the moon still comes out at its appointed time
yet nothing inside of you feels the same
nothing feels like it could ever be the same.

lots of people have told me things about knowledge
it empowers you
it frees you
it enslaved me to the past.

its nice to know...
once upon a time...
you loved me and i loved you..and we were friends. not so sure anymore.

i dunno if i even know who you are anymore
i dunno if i know what makes you smile
what makes you laugh?
what makes you cry?
what brings a smile to your face?

once upon a time, i knew these things.
now i havent the slighest clue.

funny how things changed.

those "forever friends" things and phrases...
... they dun last. their only a gimick.

"forever friends" ha!
it makes me laugh now.
none of what we said came true.

i wish you happiness, health and good fortune for your future.

dun worry.
i'll be around.
if not...
we'll meet in heaven.
for sure.

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