Wednesday, January 19, 2005

day three of a new life.
so far so good.
no crying... yet.
*crosses fingers*

whats new?
some ppl need to learn to shut up
some ppl need to stop being stupid
some ppl need to use their eyes
and some ppl need to sit and chill out a bit.

i need to stop missing some ppl so much.
what does missing them do?

would they care that i miss them?
would they care that i miss their voice?
would they care that i miss our talks?
prob not.

and so life moves on.

something someone once sent me.
a heart is a fragile thing.
that's why we protect them so vigorously,
give them away so rarely,
and why it means so much more then we do.
some hearts are more fragile then others;
Purer, somehow.
like crystal in a world of glass,
even the way they shatter
is beautiful

1 comment:

loonette said...

aww new life? i was tryin to start a new life too...but its so hard to maintain it. im struggling and when it all seems to good to be there, there is always somethign wrong with it..and it makes me depressed from where i started...:(

hopefully ure diong okay..i havnt talked to u in a day or two..:(