Sunday, May 09, 2004

hey world.
woa. its been a while. funny thing? i've been home.
oks.. so not EXACTLY home.. but i live at home now.. haha.. "live"
what have i been doing with my life?
for those of you who question my morals *ahem*andrew*ahem* no. i didnt go drinking.
oks.. break down of life.. for the last lil while.

-sarah and terrence made dinner!!! yay!!!! yummy. you guys should TRY!!!!
-got yelled at... by BOTH my parents... on the phone... which wasnt so fun..
-got home with God driving my car.. it was the COOLEST experience.

-got 9 hrs of sleep... STRAIGHT. thats rite. boo-yeah!
-woke up, only cuz some silly person called my house.. didnt even bother to leave a msg!
-got called a monkey.a BIG monkey.then a banana. by my daddy..wonderful to wake up to.... "little monkeys follow the big monkey.. you're the big monkey.." *sigh* oh daddy.
-got to see ppl at blakelock
-got flowers!!!!! thanx ienda.. their b-e-a-utiful
-got to see grammie
-had dinner with grammie
-slept over at grammies

-dim sum with grammie
-hung out with aaron and gabe
-got gabe his prayer journal!!!! <--hehe.. so im a TAD excited... shh. haha
-went to *awake*

-stayed at *awake* <--45 mins of sleep baby. boo-yeah. haha
-got a burfday cake!!!! mmm.. soo goood....
-got some lemon tea stuff.. hehehe.. smells SOO GOOD!!!!!
-got a chesnut cake from my mommy and daddy... thanx alan for eating the chesnut!! haha
-went home and CRASHED... oh boy... hahaha

-made mommy french toast
-went to church
-I GOT A JEARSY!!!!!!!!!!!! hehe..whoops? a TAD too excited there.. hahaha
-napped like MAD.. and skipped lunch... whooops... and mommy and daddy knew too!! hehe..
-had a very yummy dinner. (whats wrong with you people?? why dont you eat fish??)

-drove daddy, sammi and me to work
-drove daddy, sammi and me home

the summary of my life. hahaha oh wells. its all good.. i think... hahaha oh wells.. Gods watching me.. and thats ALL that counts. *grinz*

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