Sunday, May 02, 2004

WOA... crazy weekend..

1. i now officially have a car... boo-yeah! enough said

2. my friend got engaged!!!!!! and shes 19. i know. WOA... but im soo excited for her!!! so it doesnt matter. haha

3. went shopping.... enough said... i believe.. unless you're male and you've been hiding under a rock for many many years... shoping is theraputic... and in my case? its heaven.... trust me. you dont want to know what i know... rite kreme and hun? *winkz

4. sammi baked me many things!!!!! from pineapple cake, to cookies... mmmmm... OH!!! she made lychee jello too!!!! you guys missed out!!! (unless you saw her today and she gave you some.. hehe)

5. daddy and mommy made a prime rib roast cuz i told them i watned roast beef jokingly when they asked me what i wanted for dinner.. haha.. yum yum. (trust me guys... sooo goood..... )

6. i have a WHOLE stinking calc course to cram into my head... *Sigh*

7. someone wanna help me pack and move?? haha... time to get packin eh?

8. THIS is just for hoeNERD: sammi made them for ME!!!! and you're in big big trouble mister. oh wells.. i probably shouldnt eat all of them... someone has some weight to loose.. haha

9. anyone know of a good diet? cuz yeah.. someone has some mega pounds to loose.... -.-" if you dun get it.. please see alan.. he shall tell you the adventures of "fai fai"

TA-DA. my weekend.. so what did i learn about God this weekend? God tells us to love even tho its so hard. you see theres this guy.... we'll call him mr.a..... lets just say im VERY unhappy with him... and i really really really wanna go and kick him.... or maybe give him a pair of stilettos... rite gurls? ^.~ anways... today in sunday school, i learn that no matter how hard it is, God tells us to love those, and we are to bless our enemies.. funny concept.. so mr.a being my "enemy" even tho he doesnt know me... i shall be praying for him... thanx hunny for being soo smart.. cuz otherwise.. im gonna hafta do a lot of explaining with gap kids.... hahaha...and thats my lesson of the day. man. its soo hard to love!

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