Tuesday, May 11, 2004

so whats new with me and my life? its quarter to 9, and im about to go to bed... like woa... last time this happened i was like in 3rd grade!!!! *sigh* crazy crazy tomolo... anyone wanna pick sammi up from school for me?? either call her, or text me.. cuz i wont be able to answer the phone.. hahaha *sigh* who wants to make dinner? and who wants to drive my dearest to his lesson??? *sigh* cuz his lesson doesnt end til like 930 or 10 or something... and yeah.. i'd be sleeping.. hahahha....cuz im soo tire dim gonna go crash.. *sigh* i dunno... someone wanna drive me to work? or drive me home???? *sigh* okes.. time to stop complaining... haha..i think.. oh wells. if ya REALLY wanna know about my life you can talk to me.. hahaha. but then why would you? oks you know you need to shut up and sleep WHEN...haha

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