Monday, May 03, 2004

someone save me from this thing called math.. its about to eat me.. and while cramming... guess what i do? i quiz. haha. who needs a laugh? then keep reading... this is the result of my quiz.... haha
You are a normal angel. Innocent and pure. Full of
light and hope. You love to be around others,
and really know how to have a good time. You
enjoy hanging around with mortals. You like to
sing, which you are great at, and like to have
others near you. People are naturally attracted
to your bubbly personaliy, and love to be
around you. Normal angels are always popular,
and have lots of fans. You are happy go lucky,
with an interesting out look on the world.

Though you have experienced pain, that is all
behind you now. You see the bright side to
things, and are always there to help a person
in need. You are quite pretty, with a childish
air, though you know more than others think.

You are a really friendly person. But can be a tad
selfish at times.

You are bright and full of energy.

Better get my shades!

What Type Of Angel Have You Become?
brought to you by Quizilla

and for those of you that care... who wants to go to my house to see my brother? someone go see him and tell me hes ok? cuz im not trusting his "im ok" business... @.@

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