Sunday, June 06, 2004

just a quick note to my world. for those of you that need an explination of what my world is.. *ahem* dan *ahem* my world is all those around me, especially those near and dear to me. my announcement to the world is as follows:
for the time being, i shall be not here. if you require me, ask yourself what i woulda said to you. if you really need to contact me, my twinniws shall know or my hunny, or my princess, and maybe my knight. nono. not my knight in shining armor, my sir complain-a-lot. in case you need clarifaction.. *ahem*

to those who are glad im gone, im glad that i can at least make someone smile, and you can grin harder, because you're probably the only ppl that i've ever made happy with my life

to those that miss me, nothing to be said. there isnt one.

to those who are just nosey and wish to know where i am? see my "stalker" he should know. haha. rite aaron? *winkz* but then i dunno. he seems to have fallen off the face of the earth. so... you can have a fun time looking for him too. haha.

to those who are indifferent, im sorry i can make your life better. look to God. trust in him. much like what was said in sermon today, we are seeds. a seed is not created to be a seed. it is created to be much more. tap into God's nutrient abundence and grow to be what he truely created you to be.

and that is it world. be back in a while. a long while. haha. but those long moments will seem very short to you. trust me.

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