Sunday, June 20, 2004

*sigh* why are the guys in my life jerks and/or perverts?? granted there are some sane guys who are worth loving... those include most of the grade 11 guys... which are gonna be in grade 12 soon... (man im old!!!) and ppl like aaron, gabe, jordan, my angel, my cousins, my alan, and hubert, and rano, etc. etc. etc. but the rest of the guys in this world??? oh grosss. like honestly. how does one end up finding soo many jerks in the world? or so many perves? like 1. stop looking. seriously. you're in church for a reason buddy. and that reason best NOT be me. 2. stop trying to look down my shirt. theres nothing there.. and if there was, it'd just be fat tissue. so how about i just go and get you a piece of pork from the store and you can stare at it's layer of fat? hmm? like honestly. fat isnt so interesting. 3. sitting closer to me does not mean that im gonna like you anymore then i already do.. and let me tell you. if you were the last person on earth, not counting me? i still wouldnt talk to you even if i was dying of bordem. trust me on that one. 4. asking my parents where i am, does not prove anything, for one? they dont always know where i am, and for another? that just makes you a dirty stalker, as opposed to just being a dirty pervert. so please. smarten up. you're not a dumb kid.. well.. you werent when i thought i knew who you were. you should know. leave me alone. and let me tell you this too... if you DONT leave me alone because you are THAT stupid, my hun will get you. my hunny already wants to beat you into a pulp. so smarten up. its THAT simple.

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