Friday, June 11, 2004

oh what a day. even my daddy's being weird on me!!! like WHAT?! apparently one minuet im a "good" daughter and next minuet, hes ready to eat me. like hello. someone wanna explain whats going on??? *sigh*

soo many things to do.... like OMG!!! hahaha. oh dear. who wants to deal with some of this stuff for me? oks. read and tell me if you wanna do something. haha.
-clean my room. *ahem* sammi? *ahem*
-write my music. oh! and practice it to.. haha anyone wanna help me with that?
-get rid of my stalker.. not my dear "stalker" the OTHER one. hes quite perverted too now that i think about it... ewww. *shudders*
-deal with the jerks in my life.
-get better.

hm... i think thats it. haha. OH!! on a side note.. whats with guys and that corner?!?! seriously.. theres this corner at work.. oh dear. pick ANY employee and i'll tell ya, they've probably almost walked into another person at LEAST once a day... and it'll be like 6.45 and your shift starts at 7 and you'll have already walked into like two ppl.. how crazy is that?! you JUST got there for like 2 secs and you walked into like 2 ppl!!! *sigh* they have mirrors up EVERYWHERE but there.. haha. oh dear. the big problem area. haha. oh. and theres a guy that has an andy kinda smile. haha. im serious. he smiles like andy. oh dear. haha.

something i read today that just kinda poked at me and i thought that whoever reads this should ponder it for a bit.. is something that Madeleine L'Engle wrote in a book called "Two Part Invention" it says "It is a terrible choice: the purfying fire of the Creator or the deathly cold fire of Satan." think about it. if ya have some comment about it, tell me about it. i wanna hear what you hafta say about it. haha.

on a side note? you're destroying me. stop. please. im begging you. stop destroying me. let me try and rebuild from whats left. please.

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