Sunday, June 27, 2004

do you ever wonder why things happen the way they do?
im gonna assume most ppl have.

do you ever wonder why ppl try to impose their thoughts on you?
im gonna assume that, it has happened to you too.

do you ever wonder why some ppl are just forever engraved in your life and in your heart?
that i wonder very much.

how is it that it is so hard to forget a person?

how is that it is so hard to do what you think is rite, and be chided for it, because apparently you have forgotten yourself in the plan?

oh how hard it is to hold ones tongue and to hold back anger and fustration!

how much harder is it to not just give up and to have contempt for the situation or people.

do you ever wonder where is God?

do you ever wonder what's God's plan?

do you ever wish that ppl would stop "interpreting" God's plan for your life, for you?

do you ever wish that everything would just stop? if even just for a moment so that you can breath?

that i wish, and more. but alas, these things are nothing but wishes that are just going to remain a dream thats just out of reach.

why cant i forget you?

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