Friday, July 02, 2004

oks... what excuse do i have for not updating? PLENTY. but oh wells. heres a quick update.. haha... taken from my hun, but its ok... haha..

What I want to do rite now - sleep. or work things out with different ppl
What I want rite now - a banana split... or an egg tart from PO MA!!!
Who I'm thinking of rite now - oh you know who *winkz* haha. dun ask me. i dunno either. haha
The Last thing I want to do rite now - go to ___ or see ____ or ____
Who I want to talk to rite now - hunny or julie.
What I'm wishing for rite now - better grades... like oh dear.
Where I want to be rite now - where YOU are. haha. nono. fla, usa.
What I'm thinking rite now - URGH! haha

so whats going on? many many things.

1. the WONDERFUL switch *rolls eyes* stupid if you ask me. but then no one does. *sigh* i miss 27.... why 12 why??? *sigh* fight jane fight!!! fight hard!!!!!!!! emily too! haha.. if they stop being bored and goofing off. haha

2. URGH the stupidity of SOME ppl.. hahaha.. man-child! oh dear. andrew, you're the bestest. hahahhaa... manchild! boychild! *Sigh* oh dear. hahaha. who comes up with these things?? haha

3. "how do you say 'thank you'?" ____ _____ hahaha. and no lil boy, its NOT bok choi.. and i dun mean doi jai.. and i dun mean merci OR merci beaucoup david. haha!!!!!

4. "i'll trade you 'my feet hurt' and 'my feet feel soo good' for your 'can i have kfc'!!"

5."dont like it!!!" hahaha oh jz! HONESTLY!!! will you just get out?!*sigh*

6. who wants to go sitcker shopping? not me aparently. haha. what a lazy bum

7. schedule? what? URGH!! dont remind me. im gonna smack someone or something soon.

8. someone figure it out for me. please. jz. hha. how does one end up being pulled in soo many ways? oh dear.

9. lakehead? here i come. hahaha. oh dear. should i? or should i not? hmm.

oks.. i think thats it. is that long enough for you *ahem* my 5 month worth of posting? haha.. on to better things.. like fixing chatter boxes. *ahem* hahahaha

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