Thursday, July 15, 2004

i just have one question.
whats with male kellys and being so "different"?
oks.. let me define "different". in a way, dirty would be a better word.. or even perverted... for some, twisted will do justice. you see, what i've discovered is that male kellys? their either super nice, but they act tought, or else their just jerks, that pretend that they are nice, and all they want to do is help you or be friends with you, but in reality? no. lets just say they have alterior motives.. which we probably dont need to know or want to know about... *shudders*
lucky for me, i only know how twisted certain people can become, through ppl i work with, but still... creepy guys?? oh gross.. gurls? stick together. thats all i gotta say. there IS safety in numbers...   
oh wells. thats all i gotta say.. haha.. btw. anyone know where my work shirt is?

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