Tuesday, July 13, 2004

oh wonderful. as soon as one ends, another one starts.. and yeah its like that with most things, but please.. can i have more then a week off between nightmares?? and can i have more then a day off from having something occupying my brain completely??? SERIOUSLY.. what is going on!? URGH im gonna rip hair out soon... seriously.. well.. i guess in a way its not as serious as a nightmare.. maybe its night terrors.. haha.. i dunno the word for it... but SOME Of you know whats going on.. rite? ms. koh and mr. li? and mr. he? IF he ever reads his email.. like omg.. where the heck ARE you?? call home or email me or something!!! its kinda like et phone home or something.. hes just gone from the face of the earth!!! just like how my dearest stalker fell off the face of the earth or something... but apparently he didnt.... which is kinda odd, cuz his secretary didnt know where he went either =S whats with guys and disappearing?? *Sigh* mr.he? if you EVER read this?? OMG MSN/TEXT/MSG/CALL ME!!!!!! *sigh* funny how songs just pop into your head when you need it most.. like "all who are thirsty" with the part that goes
"Let the pain and the sorrow
Be washed away
In the waves of his mercy"
*sigh* someone just take my head and like hold it for me.. too much trying to think.. i need a vacation or something... away from all of this.. *sigh*

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