Friday, August 06, 2004

the song of my life rite now? its written by Brian & Joyce Doerksen. its called "Without You" for those of you that know that song, let me tell you something about the first time i heard it, some things were happening, and God was teaching me more about His love for us on that day, but i didnt know thats what God was TRYING to teach me at the time.. you see, im a difficult child... rather stubborn so lessons are repeated endlessly, until this silly lil gurl FINALLY gets it. amazing how God never gave up on me. it honestly is a wonder. anyways, i was worried about not being good enough, as His child, as His friend, like in all aspects, just not good enough to even call the King of all the Heavens, my friend, much less a brother, or a savior, or a father even, but then somethings were said to me earlier that day that just kinda put it all in perspective. no matter who i was OR who i will become, God ALWAYS loves me. He always has, and He always will. and i realized at that very moment in time, who was the one thats always been there, and who i've always went running back to. that person? is God. anways, here are the lyrics to it, and if you wanna know how it goes, find me. i'll either squeak it out for you, or i'll try not to harm the song so much and play it for you..its a pretty song, and a song which i cannot emphasize, how much Hes all of who i am, on my good days.. haha.. we all know what im like on my bad days.. no need to lie and hide that rite? ^.~ enjoy.
Without You ~by Brian & Joyce Doerksen
Without you I would have no hope
I'd be all alone without you
Without you I could not be strong
I could not go on without you
Without you
Who would I be if you didn't love me
Who would I be without you
Who would I be if you didn't save me
Who would I be without you
Without you life would make no sense
Dreams would always end without you
Without you spring would not appear
Storms would never clear without you
Without you

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