Wednesday, August 11, 2004

TGIF thats ALL i gotta say.. honestly... i swear.

my wonderful week?
1. stinking dirty old man... grrr
2. stinking traffic
3. silly car needs a trip to the beauty parlor.
4. the crew is going down. honestly. one at a time. watch. first paul.. mic is next. grr. the queen is not happy. not happy at all..

but the good thing? God reminded me of something. look up "you are my rock" by capstones and "trading my sorrows" ask sammi how we put those two songs together and yep. thats how i got through it. and while you're at it look up "let it rain" by micheal w. smith. and malachi 3:10. then you shall understand all.. and if not.. you can find me. haha.

p.s. why do i ALWAYS smell like work!? *sigh*

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