Thursday, February 12, 2004

oks funnies for today? steph grabbed a candy heart and it said "be mine" and then i grabbed one.. it said "u r mine" and thats about the best thing thats happened today.. haha.. minus pasta dinner.. that was good.. stupid jon.. made me roll over my ankle... GRRR!!!!!

the praise God thing?? (well thats hitting me rite now..) how i ACTUALLY understand my lab due today.. how i got it done!(like an hr before it was due) and the pasta dinner went well... minus scrubbing of pots...

the upper? how it's mission accomplished. OH! and my balloon-o-gram.... but theres other things that go with that.. haha

the horrid thing? feeling like you're majorly overweight and then being told you were too fat for your own good repeatedly... lets just say thats not so cool... cuz that can do things to you.. things that you may regret.. in my case??? things i've fought for too long to give up now... im not gonna give up.. its been too long.. it must go.. either it goes or i do, and im not going without a fight. so guys? if you read this, its not you.. its not why im not talking.. its cuz i cant.. cuz if i do, im gonna breakdown and really wanna run to do the unthinkable.. so if i offended you.. sorry..

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