Wednesday, February 04, 2004

People walk into your life and some people walk out.
Some leave footprints and some leave scars.
Actions done in our anger returns to haunt us.
Actions done; words said; thoughts and feelings should always be apporached with a clear head, an open mind and a calm heart.
Wounds will heal - if you let it.
Picking at scabs and cutting deer into wounds disallows one to heal.
Guilt and hatred bounded around one`s neck will hurt, shatter, and at times, kill a person.
Words, facial expressions, tone, actions, implied thoughts, rigid opinions have a more profound effect then the portrayer and implier understands or knows. Thinking clutters the truth, assumptions cause pain.
So why think.
why assume?
why give opinions?
why ask for opinions when they aren`t even heard?
why, why, why?
Why is a good question.
A question that can never be answered, explained or reasoned.
People come and go all the time.
Treasure thouse aroud you. Never lose sight of yourlsef and keep yourself grounded.
To mearly exist is soemtimes, the only solution a person can have.
No thoughts, no words, no opinions, no feelings.
A blank stare, looking into this world.
The greatest mistake is to loose yourself.

those where the thoughts of the innocent me. now that i see what i do to other people, i just wanted to say thank you to all of you who have been in my life. and each and every day i will remember you and think of you. thanks to one of my friends who made me realize what i did to other people, it is time to take my leave. for those of you that dont know what my friend said, he said, " i was an A student...and then i met you" how can i continue? theres no other way to put it... my friend put it as eloquently as you can put it... i screwed up my friends life. wonderful friend i am eh? in the words of Jesse Yi, "Do it because you want to make a difference in a person`s life." and the best differencei can make in a perons life, is to undo the damage. so this is me, saying thank you for all you have done for me, and im sorry for all i did for you and to you. maybe someday in the future we`ll meet up again, and this time around, i wont mess up the lives of those around me.

loving you and missing you, because there is no other way.

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