Tuesday, February 10, 2004

oks... SINCE im stuck on my lab... *grumble grumble...stupid chem....grumble grumble* heres to procrastination and cuz jess would like me to fill out one of these things... for once in my life apparnetly... and i dunno if she was specific or had a preference on WHICH one i did... so here i go.. haha.. and if this isnt what you watned jess... whoops.. too bad.... haha...

Who are you..?
||× w o u l d y o u r a t h e r ×||
1. ...pierce your nose or tongue? nose. definatly.. and i wouldtn change it... cuz that would be kinda gross... haha
2. ...be serious or be funny? umm.. i dunno.. serious? maybe? cuz i seem to be unable to be serious.. but then serious ppl scare me... so i dunno.....
3. ...boxers or briefs? umm.... neither...cuz im not a guy.. haha.... i like what i wear tho.. haha
4. ...drink whole or skim milk? skim.... if its chocolate milk!!! haha.. otherwise? 2%!!! haha

||× a r e y o o h ×||
5. ...single or taken? single. darn proud of it! rite dear?
6. ...simple or complicated? i dunno.. you tell me.. hahaha

||× d o y o o h p r e f e r ×||
8. ...flowers or angels? angels!!!!! i love my angels!!! *muah*
9. ...grey or gray? hmm....grey... it looks more nice and friendly... hahaha
10. ...colour or black-and-white photos? NEITHER!!! the brown-and-white ones!!!! they're like black & white, only its brown..ya know?
11. ...sunrise or sunset? both. the sky is SOO gorgeous!!! and you look at them and think.. wow. God's an AWSOME artist!
12. ...M&Ms or Skittles? M&M!!!!! who can resist chocolate? DEFINATLY not me.
13. ...rap or rock? ROCK!! DUH.. need you ask me?
14. ...staying up late or waking up early? depends on WHY im doing it... hahaha
15. ...TV or radio? for what? for a game? tv...
16. ...chocolate or vanilla? chocolate.. unless its vanilla extract.. ooh... soo yummy!!!
17. ...using Xs or Os in noughts and crosses? whats noughts and crosses? tic-tac-toe? then X.... they're just easier.. haha
18. ...water or soda? flavoured water.. mm.... SOOO good...
19. ...eating apples or oranges?? both? i dunno... i like them both.. haha

||× a n s w e r t r u t h f u l l y ×||
20. Do you have a crush? perhaps...
21. Who is it? if you needed to know, you would know... rite? *angelic smile* haha
22. ...being hot or cold? hot.... haha.... like down south somewhere.... mm..... OR!!!! up north with my friends in a WONDERFUL snowball fight.... thats fun too....
23. ...tall members of the opposite sex or short? tall.....well... not super tall or something.. haha. that would look funny...
24. ...sun or moon? the moon.. it's so pretty..
25. ...emeralds or rubies? emeralds cuz it's me. but rubies cuz of my dad... they just remind me of him... haha
26. ...having 10 acquaintances or 1 best friend? 1 best friend... but im WAY luckier then that... rite gurls? ^.~
27. ...sun or rain? both. for different reasons. duh. haha
28. ...vanilla ice cream or chocolate?mint chocolate chip.. mmm.. hahaha
29. ...boys or girls? for what? i love my gurls, cuz they're the bestest. but guys are cool too. hense my many brothers.. they're ALL cool ppl. and if YOU dunno them? thats your loss... really.. im not kidding. they have a nack for pulling me out of my messes..rite angel?
30. ...green beans or carrots? carrots... but its SOO bad for me... i turn orange... haha.. i have a bad habit of eatting too much of them.. haha
31. ...low fat or fat free? low fat is better then super fat.. and fat free like my yogurt? EXCELLENT!!! you wouldnt know unless your read the label!
32. What is your biggest fear in the world? i think you know...but its not that important..
33. Kids or no kids? i already have kids.... so i guess that answers your question... their SOO cute!!! too bad i only see them once a week... IF that... *sigh*
34. Half empty or half full? half full.
35. Mustard or ketchup? ketchup... questions? hahha
36. Hard cover books or soft cover books? hmm.... soft... hardcover books hurt when you're trying to read them in bed...
37. Newspaper or magazines? neither? well.. maybe a mag... haha.. cant remember the last time i picked up either...
38. Sandals or sneakers? depends on the occasion.... but for a nice summer day? SANDALS!!!! hahaha
39. Wonder or amazement? whats the difference? amazement instills wonder, and wonder insills amazement....
40. Red car or white car? red. white cars need CONSTANT washing.. guess whose lazy? haha
41. Happy and poor or sad and rich? happy and poor... or.... EX sad and rich.. cuz you put that money into good use.. *hint hint* *nudge nudge* hahaha
42. Singing or dancing? hmm..... depends on whose around... haha lets not scar and/or kill others rite?
43. Hugging or kissing? depends whose it from
44. Corduroy or plaid? well.. depends... cuz a corduroy kilt will look kinda funny...
45. Happy or sad? to be happy and in a fantasy world? or to be sad, because you know the truth? hmm....
46. Purple or green? purple. definatly.
47. Blondes, brunettes or red heads? whats the diff?? its just hair color... you can always dye it...
48. What time is it? 3.11

||× y o o h ×||
Name? vic
Nicknames? you tell me... my brain hurts..haha altho "fatty" comes to mind.but thats probably just cuz i miss my alan..its been a while.
Number of candles on your last bday cake?ask my mommy... i dun think we counted them.. haha
Pets? *ahem*... silly lil boys... *sigh*
Height? SHORT.. common.. what did you expect?!?!? haha
Eye colour? depends on my mood and the lighting.. usually brown.. hahha...
Hair colour? alburn
Piercing? yep...

||× h a v e y o o h e v e r ×||
had the drink Calypso Breeze? hm... dun think so.
been in love? yep
been toilet-papering? does wrapping tp around people count?
loved somebody so much it made you cry? yeah.
what are your plans for school? i dun want school.... school hurts me!!!! *sniff sniff*
Where do you want to live? scarb. well... is it even scarb?? but its like bayview & shepard.. yeah. MY appartments... ^.~
What kind of job do you want? one where i can do what God wants me to do, and i can care for others..

||× h o o ×||
makes you laugh the most? lots of ppl... and me.. haha.. im such a klutz.. hahahah
is the sweetest? hm... my angel comes to mind...but then so do soo many other people...
is the shyest? ash.
the most outgoing? loads of them are!!!!
is the most fun to be around? hm... you know who you are!!! ^.~
do you go to for advice? depends on what it is.. i mean if its a gurly thing... ya know?? hhaa...
knows the most about you? i dun actually know.
has it easier--guys or girls? GUYS!!!!! omg!!!!!! soo not fair!!!!! oh wells... whatever.

||× w h i c h i s b e t t e r ×||
croutons or bacon bits? bacon bits!!
Mr. Pibb or Dr. Pepper? neither? cuz im not a HUGE fan of Dr. Pepper.. and i have no idea what Mr. Pibb is...
coffee or ice cream? how bout both? mm.... yummy... haha.. or just my tiramiseu... hahha
shampoo or conditioner? you cant just use one!!!!! shampoo opens the cuticles so the nasty stuff comes out... and conditioner closes those cuticles back up...
bridges or tunnels? hm... depends...
one pillow or two? i dunno...
Adidas or Nike? hmm....
Nike or vans? hmm...
Adidas or Reebok? hmm...
does it matter at all??? cuz they all have good stuff and crappy stuff.. its just WHAT you're comparing....

||× w o r d a s s o c i a t i o n ×|| (first thing that comes to mind)
flowers? roses.
green? grass... haha... that and jeffery.. hes OBESSED!!! hahaha...
crying? heart-wrentching. dun ask.. haha..
peanut butter? MOMMY!!!!
roses? oooh..... who are they from? ^.~ haha... more like PRETTY!!!! haha
spring? easter
summer? CAMPING!!!!!! and tubing... oh awsomeness... and the beech.. OH! WAY CAMP!!!! hahaha
fall? back to work *sigh*
winter? SNOW BALL FIGHTS!!! haha...

||× f a v o u r i t e s ×||
salad dressing? rasberry vinegrette <--thanx jess!
colour Socks? not just ONE color... cute socks dont come in one color!!
song at the moment? sustained. by sammi's bf. *.* hhehe
flowers? lillies... minus the bugs.. eww.. have you EVER picked lillies before?!? theres SOO much bugs in them! its GROSS!
colour? all shades of blue.. i havent found one thats nasty yet.. hahah
subject in school? procrastination. haha.. umm.. i dunno.. i like what im taking.. their just so hard & im too dumb for them
Alcoholic drink? oooh.... if you need to know, you'll know. hahha
Non-alcoholic drink? hmm...many. WAY too many to name...
Sport to watch? you mean the ONLY sport i watch? well... "only" cuz i do watch other ones. just not usually.... need you ask?? HOCKEY!!!! duh. hahah
Country song? um... i dun listen to that... so i wouldnt know... hahha
Disney character? belle. cuz she teaches the beast to love, and she loves the beast because of his heart... *sigh* haha..

||× r a n d o m q u e s t i o n s ×||
When was your last hospital check-in? when i was born?!
Where do you see yourself in 10 years? hmm.... maybe living with my grammie... maybe out on my own.. haha
Have you ever been convicted of a crime? YES. the crime of not loving enough. oh boy. thats a hard one to stand up to.
Which single store would you choose to max out your credit card? uhh... me? credit cards??? lets not go there...
What type of car do you drive now? you mean WHEN i get to drive? my baby..a corolla. hmm..is it me or did i spell it funny?
What do you do most often when you are bored? do i EVER get bored? small things amuse small minds. remeber that.
Name the person that you are friends with that lives the farthest away from you? auntie chris.
What is your favourite kind of clothes? jeans!!!! haha... well.. im not liking this whole lets have my bum hang out fad rite now... but oh wells.. i'll manage... haha
Are you closed minded? sure? i dunno.. i dun get it.. haha
Are you open minded? sure? i dunno.. haha.. depends on how awake i am.. haha
Are you a player?of course. haha... (a player of WHAT?! i dun get this... )
Can you be in love with two people at the same time? yeah.... cuz God.. and S.O... rite? but you cant have 2 S.O.
Most Humiliating moment: haha... umm..... someone remind me? i forgot.. im not remembering..
Who do you think will respond to this fastest? no one. cuz i didnt send this out! haha
Who is the person you sent this to that is least likely to send it back? everybody. haha... cuz i didnt send it out. DUH!

oks im done. time for timmies.. SOMEONE here needs a coffe... *ahem*.. but its not me.. cuz im an angel rite? RITE. i dun care what you said. it doesnt matter. hahaha and one thing that kinda struck something funny in me today was a past email from my friend that i happened to read today.. i didnt get it before, cuz i was blinded by everything else. but essentially what he says is "friends will always be your friends, no matter how far you are" so yeah.. i dunno.. its kinda a weird feeling more then ANYTHING.. yeha.. i dun really feel like explaining.. haha.. cuz you know me and explinations rite? haha

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