Friday, February 20, 2004

OMG!!!! fustration to the max!!!!!!
FIRST im stressed about my stupid psych lab...
THEN i realize that my bio midterm is next friday...
THEN my blog's template goes and poofs on me!!!
URGH.... *breathe in* *breathe out* URGH!!!!
oh.. not to mention that my mommy wont let me come home....*sigh*
craptactular... thats for sure..
i cant handle this anymore.. URGH!!!!
ok i think im done ranting now.....
BIG props to alan for staying up late like LATE ... wait... early morning... to fix my stupid blog...
thanx bro!
and whoevers the idiot screwing with my blog? SCREW YOU. honestly. do you not have something better to do!?
*sigh* oh wells.. coffee tonite... then going home.... IF my mom decides that i CAN come home... but it wont matter.. it'll be too late.. they'll have left already... is there even a point to me going home??

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