Friday, February 27, 2004

so.. bio midterm today. guess who failed. yeah. sux.
so.. talking to hun. discovered some stuff.. kinda freaky..
so.. had a dream yesterday.. not one, but 3... and i havent been dreaming lately..

its been a freaky and shaky last lil while... *sigh*
tomolo? SHOPPING!!! hahaha... dress shopping too.. ^.~ you know why im happy about THIS dress shopping?? its not for me!!!! hehe... you know me... me? dress? if you see it, you'll be like "uhh.. i'll PAY you to NOT wear that.." trust me.. not soo cool. if you want to be blind forever... then look... know... haha... and if you dun believe me.... wait.. thats not an option.. cuz you believe me. rite? rite.hahaha... such a dictatorship!!! whoops.. .hahahaha.. oh wells.. to bad.. live with it.. haha..

theres this one quote that i used alot when i first moved. it says
"friends are angels that lift us up, to our feet, when our wings have forgotten how to fly"

and it is so true. sometimes we loose sight of the important things in life. our dreams are nothing but just mear dreams that remain to be fantasy, our hope is crushed, our world is smashed, and all that is important is gone. but then whats so amazing is that God sends us friends who bring us light so that we may find our paths again. *sigh* what an eventful day. some good some bad.. but at least i could breathe today... which is usually a good thing... hahaha... oh wells. its all good. "the LORD gave, and the LORD hath taken away; blessed be the name of the LORD." job 1.21. an excellent book if you're not having such a fun time. or in my case? watch your world shatter into pieces soo small that you cant even find the shards. but its ok. cuz you know what i've lernt? i dun need to find the shards. what i have left is sufficient... because what i have is something that can never be taken away from me. so it is ALL good.. hehehe...

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