Saturday, January 31, 2004

so today.. oh boy. what a day... it was a horrible day indeed. to watch one of your friends just lie to you, and have them not even know it.. *sigh* and to want nothing more but to go home, and getting that wish, and then find out that home really isnt home... well "home is where the heart is" but i guess this just means that there is no home for my heart... or maybe i just dont have a heart..

Mother Teresa once said "It's not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving" if im giving all that i am and all that i have in love and loving the people around me with all that i am, is that not enough? i dont know what else to do... too many lives have been messed cuz of me. thanx for pointing that out bud. so i guess this is me saying, im sorry for wrecking all of your lives.. truely i am.. and if i had the choice, i'd go back in time, and find ways to not have met you. so that maybe your lives wouldnt be so screwed up...

i just wanted to say, i guess, that through it all, thanx for just being there for me, and i guess heres to having a wonderful life without me.... *cheers*... go and live a full and happy life.. no more of me screwing it up for you....if ya need someone to talk to and hopefully not screw up your life, you know how to reach me. but then with me out of your life, you wont be needing that... heres to a wonderful life for all of you! cheers.

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