Monday, April 05, 2004

couple good things happened today..
1. no more stressing about trying to look like a gurl.. someones gonna do that for me. haha
2. twinnie... *sigh* what else can i say gurl? haha... ask her.. she'll tell ya...wait.. dun ask.. more house 202 stuff..haha
3. an old friend... well.. not old old.. but ya know.. and i started talking today... which is always good...
4. the FIRST chem test i knew that i didnt fail... too bad its only 4 % eh? but too much math on that.. WAY too much..*sigh*
5. finished revelations..and found only one cool verse in it that didnt scare me... haha..such a lil kid..
6. had a WHOLE star fruit!!!!!

and the bad things??
...hmm.... i... uhh... stubbed my toe like 2 secs ago and it hurts?? uhh... cramming for my tests/exams?? *sigh* i dunno.. i think im getting sick.... *sigh*

lots of things to Praise God for.. cuz when i look back over the year... wow.. HEs provided soo many times, that i cant even count.. and i had never even occured to me to ask Him for it... like WOW....

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