Sunday, April 18, 2004

*sigh* soooo sleepy.... i m such a blonde today too!!!! haha... my daddys like "put the roast in at 4.45-5.00" and im like "ok" at like 5.30 my sister comes and wakes me up and shes like "ahhh!!!!! sorry i forgot to wake you up!!!!" haha.. oh wells.. that just means im not going til AFTER the game.... cuz GO LEAFS GO!!!! hahaha... and if YOU have a problem with them winning... come find me... time for parking lot discussions.. *intimidating look* <--haha me? intimidating? im an angel!!! hhahaha..

hmm... other notes... GUESS WHOSE GOING TO *AWAKE*!!!!!!!!!!! haha yeah.. i dunno... mite still hafta be kidnapped tho... shall keep y'all posted.. (woa.. that was SOO hill-billy... like "y'all come back now, ya hear?" haha... too much day camp at FAC... HONESTLY!!!!! hahah.. but it was fun... i loved it. haha) but yeah... daddy doesnt know about it... at least mommy's cool with it... actually i think its cuz she really has no say in where i go or what i do anymore... haha.. cuz regradless.. im gonna get there.. somehow... eventually. haha. *shrugs* oh wells. haha

and i was fighting with my brother.... like always.... when im not driving... but sometimes this happens as i drive too... and then its like "WILL YOU SHUT UP?!?!?!?!" and the whole " FINE. WALK HOME. IM SOO NOT DRIVING YOU!" even tho i dun actually do anything about it.. haha... maybe i should one day. hmmm.... hahah.. naw.. i luv him too much for that.. and sides.. mommy and daddy mite have someting to say about that... the walk home from church is kinda bad... but maybe from else where.. hmm.. haha... anways.. we had a fight... it went like this:
vic: I NEED MY RIGHT HAND!!!! i still hafta write my exams!!!! what are you doing?!!
my brother: oh... oks...
*2 mins later*
my brother: do you need your right hand???
vic : no.... what ARE you doing?!?!?!?! stop!!! i need my right hand!!!!!
yeah.. im a blonde.. im aware of that.. hahaha... and then there was me and my mommy.. oh boy... haha.. good times.... trying to deal with a roast... when you're half asleep and making juice when you're like REALLY not awake.. haha.. *sigh*

and then theres that game.. URGH... i got soo upset!!!!! haha.. my daddy measured my blood pressure during period 3.. and yeah.. my mommy almost made me stop watching the game... daddy didnt like it.. but he had no choice but to comply with me... cuz we took his blood pressure too.. hahaha.. oh mommy. *sigh* hehe.. when will she learn to love hockey? oh that will be THE day. haha.

and as far as announcements go? i have any? uhh.. go to *awake* haha.. yeah.. thats all i gotta say.. i think.. haha.. oh! and this awsome quote i found in this book im reading.... but then i dun have my book rite now. haha. so yeah.. whoops. you guys will just hafta see it later. haha

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