Sunday, April 04, 2004

so i went out for a late dinner today... like REALLY late.. hahah... but its ok.. cuz i was talking to this guy that i dun usually talk to and hes just somehow so connected to me through so many ppl but then i dun really know him.. it was kinda cool... and odd... all at the same time... like his rents know my rents, and my uncle.. and he knows me, and my godbrother, and my cousin.. etc etc etc... its kinda weird how it all fits together.. but then what do you expect when your rents all grow up together and then move away? *shrugs* anways... so i went out with a couple ppl for dinner today... one shall be known as "c" and the other one is terrence... haha... and we had really weird convos... one went like this
Terrence - I dont have a hootie"
C - a what??
me - a hoodie.
*sigh*... some of us just need more sleep! haha.. or... just a hearing aid.... haha... or just need to enounciate... haha.. and then WHILE we were eatting? oh boy... read.. and picture this in your head... haha
C - Terrence, do you need to use the bathroom?
Terrence - no
C - you sure?
Terrence - *gives c the look* Yes.
you know that some ppl have been around lil kids a tad too long WHEN... hahaha... dun worry.. we still luv ya c! haha and the whole time? im like uhh... cuz like 1. what kinda question is that?? and 2. are you sure???? *sigh* oh the times... c ALWAYS makes me laugh... no matter what. you're SO the best c!!! hehe..

and good job 30hr faminers!!!!! break-fast tomolo!!! yay!!!! hehe... unless you've already done it... ie ecf ppl... haha.. but GO WAY!!!! hahaha... oks.. yeah.. someone should definatly NOT have ice cream for desert!!! haha... not me tho.. *shifty eyes* THATS for uh.. sure. haha..

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