Saturday, April 24, 2004

guess what?? guess who has a job?? MUAHA!!!! haha. yeah.. i found out last nite... but uhhh... my brain got fried and i forget about it... haha..

ANYWAYS... so i was cleaning out my email thinger... cuz.. yeah.. thers a LOTTA crap in folders for some reason that i cant think of.. anyways.. i got to one email.. from my angel.. and angel? if you read this? guess what? you made me cry. and you know what? no matter what happens in life, and wherever you go.. even if you go to pluto... (which i really hope you dont... cuz i'd miss you TONS... like you wouldnt believe it... ) im always here!!!! and thanx for always being there for me... and dealing with my "BUT!!!!" and my blonde ness... haha... its NOT my fault im always lost!!! haha... *sigh*

oh today.. what a day.. haha... found out some things that are not so good... so yeah... one of my gurls.. isnt doing so well... STUPID BOYS!!!! grr.... but not all boys... rite now? hmm... im thinking of one. and lets just say hes VERY stupid... and silly.. and being a bum.. and if i ever find out where he lives.. im gonna smack some sense into him... until then.. i shall devise a way to see him so that i can smack him.. hm.. whats a good day... the 7th looks good to me... cuz i shall be in town... rite gurlie? *winkz* good luck on ya exam gurlie!!! haha..

omg.. you know what i did? i bruised my toe!!!!!! (pst.. any of you that see/talk to my rents..... DONT TELL THEM!!!! cuz my daddy's gonna go "ah leui... *sigh* nay jou mut yeah ah? nai mm dook shiu ah?" and my mommy's gonna be like "ah leui... nay yao tong been goh dah gaow ah???" yeah... lets NOT go there... *sigh* haha... accident prone.. i tell ya.) but yeah... note to all of YOU.... DONT jump up onto counters... cuz you mite miss or something... and bruise ya self... but hey. its NOT my fault im so short.... honestly. why are things soo high up??? and honestly... why smoke? i know some ppl like it... like the person from whom we stole the smokes from so that she couldnt go smoke... but thats besides the point. the point IS, when you're going to hide smokes.. do it carefully so that you can ACTUALLY reach it when you go to give them back.. hahaha ... LEARN from my mistakes guys.. its not so fun to be sitting there.. on the phone and go "hey.... why does my toe hurt....." and then find out you bruised it... but only the people with the degree of my intelligence can do that.. hahaha.. its all good. *sigh* hehe..

hmm.. what else do i hafta say about my day? hmm.... oh! MABS WORK IS AWSOME!!!! bug her to see them... muahhaa... luv ya hun... ^.~ haha.. yeah.. shes gonna kick me.. but meh... all i can say is this: 7 sleeps til my car and 10 til my BIG day.. the day of FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! haha.. for like 4 months.. and then its back to the grind.... oh wells.. its all good!! hahaha.. oks time to shut... *angelic smile*

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