Tuesday, April 13, 2004

oks.. so i was SOO fustrated with blogger yesterday... cuz it wouldnt post my post...and i was like URGH. but its weird cuz its back today.. so im like hmm..... hahaha... anways...

omg.. last nite? this HUGE centipede decided that it was going to watch tv with us... yeah... apparnetly i was screaming too much for the centipede to not watch the game.. haha.. but it was nice.... to watch a game with my daddy.. i havent done that in SOO long! haha..anyways... that bug? EWWW!!!!!!!!! you know why? 1. it was HUGE... like HUGE!!!!! even my mommy wouldnt go near it.... but its ok.. my daddy and my brother killed it.. hahaha.... er... more like my dad sprayed it with bug spray while my brother got the vacuum.... so yeah... i dun really wanna know where it is rite now... so we'll just assume that its dead... hahaha... cuz yeah.. me and bugs? dun do well. hahaha.

ooh!! whose got a copy of the game last nite? that goal by sundin? PRICELESS!!!!! rite gurls? haha... oh boy..oks someone hasta get some work done.. haha..

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