Saturday, March 20, 2004

i had a VERY interesting phone call today. a wise man said to me " don't give up on your friends" and then proceeded to tell me "remember what you told me? hindesight is 20/20" thanx jon {jon ting for those of you that need clarification...}. you're the best. you rock my world. some of my friends, im giving up on. i mean, why bother to explain something to them, when they already have their minds set on a certain opinion? but you know what? sure it wont matter to them if they know what im thinking... but maybe it'll matter to me. maybe i need to tell them regardless, maybe they'll understand this feeling like poultry, where food is shoved into them, regardless of if they are hungry or not... except farmers do it to poultry so that they have more goods to sell, and the meat is more tender. why are my friends doing it? ask them.

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