Sunday, March 28, 2004

oh boy. weirdest weekend. 3 days. wore a skirt for the WHOLE day on all 3 days. oh boy. whats wrong with me? like oh dear. someone figure out whats wrong with me! like woa... 1. me? in a skirt? 2. for 3 days? 3. for 3 days IN A ROW?!?!! woa!!! crazyness. but back to my jeans tomolo. YES! haha.

my friends got married. soo cute. SUCH a cute wedding. indeed it was a long day. indeed i was SOO tired... but thats besides the point. guess what? they dated for 11 years. THATS right. ELEVEN years!!! oh boy.. like woa. thats SOO long. and they've known each other for 14 years... like woa... but yeah.. what a long long time. *sigh* but its soo cute! oh! and on top of that.. guess what? their vows? soo sweet... and cute... and adorable... and awwww.......... but i didnt cry.. i ALMOST did... but i DIDNT! haha..

so im kinda screwed as far as math goes. whoops. oh wells. back to the ginde... *sigh* oh! btw! someone do me a fav and take carms out for shots!!!! cuz other wise she'll hafta wait like 6 weeks before i can take her.... so yeah.. take her for shots!!!! hahaha sorry carms.. still luv ya. haha

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