Sunday, March 14, 2004

wanna know what made my day today?
1. my bro didnt hurt himself... er... too badly.... haha... good job, alan!!!! *hugs*
2. Westley.

you know how cute kids can be? like omg... hes soo adorable!!!! oh somedays.. i just wanna take him home!!!! but then i dun think his parents would be too happy with me.... well... they probably wouldnt mind if i took him home for one night... but ya know... haha. anyways. yeah.. he just made me smile like ALL day.. oh how nice it is to see a child smile. or to watch a child have fun, to watch him learn, to watch him grow... *sigh* and we wonder why i feel old?? haha.. all these kids are growing like RIGHT before my eyes. 3 months ago, they were so much younger. kids grow up VERY fast... let me tell you that. but im sure you're smart and you already knew that. and if you dont... i dun recommend like randomly giving candy to kids to see them happy.. cuz im sure their parents would call the cops on you or something... but like yeah... its the best feeling in the world. *sigh* if i EVER have kids.. omg... they will be the worst most spoilded bunch!!! haha.. send them to auntie sammi's for some lessons... ahaha... *sigh* oh wells.. worry about that when i get there... haha

oooh... its march break for all the lucky bums.. guess what that means? TC!!!! *sigh* i wanna go soo badly too... drat. oh wells. in the words of sammi? "you're too old for these things veee keeeee!!!!!!" haha.. oh silly sammi. and if ppl could be so kind as to pray for all those involved in and/or attending.. that would be most excellent... TRUST me.. there are strong battles here.. and these battles will be won according to Gods plan. but we need to pray for them. we need to pray for things like strenght and such. whoever of you that reads this may or may not know someone thats either going or helping out with it, and if you know what to pray for, then pray for that. otherwise, tell God whats on your mind and that you dont know how to pray but you want his will to be done. God understands those prayers too. and only HE knows exactly what each person needs.... but yeah.. after my super long speel... pray for them ks? im worried... like always.. and im scared.. but not as scared as last year... now THAT was super strong.. i havent broken down and cried yet.. and hopefully it'll stay that way... *winkz*

oks.. someone asked me a question... "what do you look for in the [opposite sex]?" and i have ABSOLUTELY no idea what to say.. like sure i have ideas... but yeah... anyone wanna help me??? send me ya answers and stuff... haha... oks.. i think im done with what i hafta say.. haha

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